Pebbleman Landscaping is based in Milton, ON and services the landscaping needs of clients throughout the Halton Region including Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto.  We also provide services to clients north of Toronto and into cottage country.  Our unique positioning as a natural stone provider also allows us to offer our clients exceptional pricing on natural stone for landscaping project including granite, weathered granite, limestone, weathered limestone, riverstone and potato stone.  Our selection of natural stone is vast and will add exceptional value to your landscape project.

Our goal is to provide each client with a creative, professional and unique landscaping project that will allow your to create the perfect outdoor space.  We believe that the essential qualities of a top notch landscape company comes primarily from our dedication to quality and customer service.  Each project is unique and, as such, each client must be treated with professionalism and our dedication to ensure that you get the perfect outdoors space, large or small. 

In creating any landscape project we know that understanding our client first is absolutely essential.  Each project is entirely different from the last and, to understand the individual needs of all our clients, we must thoroughly study everything from municipal bilaws to building codes so that we can be 100% prepared for your particular project.  Regardless of whether your landscaping project is a small outdoor garden, a mid-sized outdoor living space or a complete landscape renovation we will be there to make sure your vision becomes reality.

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